8. 2. 2016

RED BULL at JEŠTĚD SkyRace® 2016!

The RED BULL bar and their promo teams are here to the rescue once your head and body refuse to go on. Of course, there will be an after party, what did you think ?! So run for your lives, Red Bull will be here to get even the crawling ones up on their feet and ready to party!

More information and news go to REDBULL - music/videos

25. 1. 2016

INOV-8– introducing main partner of JEŠTĚD SkyRace® 2016!

It may be like bringing owls to Athens to introduce INOV-8. This English company has become so popular that you may struggle finding someone who would not own at least a pair of their shoes or some of their clothing. You can look forward to their stuff in a starter pack, their promo stand in the race camp where you can not only try on some of their products but also buy and take them home. But that’s not all INOV-8 have for you. Not to forget – the fastest of you will win some of INOV-8’s products. How’s that for motivation!
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18. 1. 2016

STIASINI – introducing main partner JEŠTĚD SkyRace® 2016!

How about a freshly baked, crispy roll or a fragrant croissant right after finishing the race? Perhaps a sweet tart? Is that a smile we see? Come over! Serving delicious Italian coffee Cellini, freshly ground and prepared by the skillful hands of experienced baristas right in front of you. This just might be the only race in central Europe with its own bakery in the camp Don’t worry, there is plenty to go round. Pace yourselves and rest assured there is no need to skip the queue. We are prepared:)
...už brzy představíme kompletní menu dobrot které budeme 16.4.2016 servírovat….

And now a little information about the company

Stiasini is a Czech company that has been on the market since 2012 and specializes in purchasing, reselling and franchising of pre-baked pastry. The company offers high quality product not only from Czech suppliers, but also long-term and approved partners from the Netherlands, France, Italy and Germany. All the scents, tastes and feelings available at the bakery in the race camp.

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