Registration for the main race:

Individual competitors can register in the REGISTRATION section of the web.

In order to be registered, you have to fill in all required information (name and last name, sex, age category, date of birth, email, phone number, choice of meal, which extra perk you would like, etc.)

Categories: men, women – subsequently divided to age categories: Junior 16-19 years (U19), U23, 24 - 45 years, 46 - 99 years

Only competitors over 18 years of age can partake in the race. If a competitor is under 18 years, a written consent of a parent or a legal guardian has to be presented. The responsibility for an underage competitor remains with the parent or legal guardian. All registrations are done online. Unsold places will be available before the race starts at the race camp. The registration takes place in waves:

1st wave – the first 100 registered competitors – 250 CZK/person

2nd wave – 101–200 registered competitors – 300 CZK/person

3rd wave – 201–300 registered competitors – 350 CZK/person

4th wave – 301–400 registered competitors – 400 CZK/person

5th wave – 401–500 registered competitors (online or at the race camp) – 450 CZK/person

1st wave will launch sales on 1st January 2016

There is a 500 places limit for the race.

The latest date for registration is 9th April 2016 in 23:00

Registration at the race camp will be possible only in case of unsold places. Registration is valid only once the money has been transferred to the organizer’s account given in the registration form.

If the money is not transferred within 5 days, the competitor will lose their registration and will be deleted of the start list.

Paid registration cannot be refunded; however, it can be transferred to another competitor. For more information go to the REGISTRATIONsection.

Refreshment points:

- 2 x at Ještěd tower
- 1 x at the „U Šámalů“ restaurant
water, tea, ionic drinks, coke, fruit, müsli, sweet pastry, salt and other delights :)

We will announce the absolute male and female winners and winners in another 8 categories and winners ULTIMATE SKY CHALLENGE:

Men: Junior 16-19 years, U23:20-23 years, 24-45 years, 46-99 years

Women: Junior 16-19 years, U23:20-23 years, 24-45 years, 46-99 years

Competitors will be assigned a category depending on the age they reach before the 31. 12 of given year.

Registration for the kids’ races:

Registration will be possible between 08:00 and 10:30 in the accreditation tent in the the Jested SkyRace 2016 camp. The registration fee is 50 CZK/ person. All payments will be done at the event. Categories: 0-5 years, 6-11 years, 11-15 years

Accreditation to the main race:

Before the start, all competitors must present themselves in the accreditation tent in the Ještěd SkyRace 2016 camp on 16th April 2016 between 08:00 and 10:30. Competitors identity will be verified and check against the data provided in the online registration form.

Start and racing

The main race starts at 11:00 on the 16th April 2016 at the SKI AREAL JEŠTĚD – main parking lot. The limit for the race is 6 hours.

All competitors undertake the race at their own risk. The organizers take no responsibility for the eventual damages to competitors’ health and/or property prior to,during and after the whole Ještěd SkyRace 2016.

Competitors are allowed to use only their own physical and mental abilities to finish the race.

Competitors are not allowed to receive any kind of help, or use a mean of transport to finish the race ( i.e. a bike, inline skates, a motorcycle, a car, a bus, a tractor, a horse )

Competitors are allowed to move only within the boundaries laid of the - race track. It is forbidden to move outside these areas and other marked tourist routes.

Competitors must pass through all control points, where their number will be recorded electronically.

Only competitors complying with the race rules, in good health and not under influence of alcohol, drugs and other substances will be allowed to the race. The organizers reserve the right to deny entry to or remove a competitor from the race if the competitor’s health appears seriously threatened by weariness or exhaustion.


Registration price includes:

  • race number with competitor’s name and a single-use, non-refundable chip
  • starter’s pack (INOV-8 headscarf with the Ještěd SkyRace 2016 logo, a drink and a snack from the main partner,
      discount vouchers, promotional material from partners)
  • finisher’s present
  • a photo from the track or the finish
  • 3 refreshments during the race
  • finish refreshment (a surprise!) :)
  • after-run meal (meat–eater, vegetarian or vegan depending on your choice, drink of choice)
  • a FREE massage upon request
  • FREE parking
  • Compulsory equipment for the race:

    - a fully charged and functioning mobile phone, 0,5l of liquids (water, sports drink, etc.), aluminium foil

    Recommended equipment:

    - Make a responsible choice depending on the weather conditions – trek sticks, waterproof jacket, long trousers, etc.

    Competitors must obey the road traffic rules as stated in Act No 361/200 Coll. – The Road Traffic Act.
    The organizers are not liable for damages caused to competitors or by competitors.
    The organizers are not covered by an insurance to compensate for damages caused to the competitor while partaking in the race.
    Competitors are required to behave with maximum regard to the nature of Ještěd mountain range and are also required to sort their waste at refreshment stations. The organizers reserve the right to interrupt the race and/or react to unforeseen circumstances in order to assure safety of all competitors (a dramatic change of weather, storm, gale, fallen trees, beast attack, etc.)

    Reasons for disqualification:

  • skipping a checkpoint
  • loss of start number with a chip
  • skipping/shortening of the track
  • not finishing the race
  • not having compulsory equipment
  • being way too fast :)